„Vision to Breakthrough“

Workshop with Jocelyn B. Smith

Creating the quality of life you desire most is based on the transformative principles of the future, which are self-confidence and responsibility.

The famous jazz- & soulsinger, songwriter and producer Jocelyn B. Smith assists you through her method of accessing and implementation of “Self-Empowerment”. Working with the voice, Jocelyn will show you how to unlock your personal power. Increasing self-confidence and focus. This exceptional concept helps managers through the optimal application of breathing and raising physical awareness of their mental energy and exploit the communicative potential of their voice.

Vision requires not only knowledge about future developments, but also the ability to communicate it´s vision with energy, conviction and corresponding expression.

With Jocelyn´s exceptional techniques with the voice you will be able to determine what’s holding you back and how you can move forward with stronger communicative skills. Keeping your team and employees on fire and motivated. This is Jocelyn´s “Self-Empowerment” concept.

This format is directed to managers and enterprises, those with curiosity and optimism looking for new forms of self-confidence.

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About Jocelyn B. Smith

The plan to work with humans was placed in the cradle for Jocelyn´s soul and jazz career. In 1950 Jocelyn´s Grandmother founded the first Mental Health Clinic, the „Willia Ruth Hardgrow Center“ in Brooklyn New York. Following the path Jocelyn has helped many individuals empower themselves through the mastery of their own voices – The most powerful tool that one has.

The foundation of her work is MUSIC. In Jocelyn´s workshop she brings the breakthrough moment to persons ready to transform their communicative potential. Application, music and above all to learn the voice.

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