Boost Your Vocalz™

It’s so simple. Because it’s inside of YOU! But what?

In so many steps you can transform your thinking, re-create your world, enhance it and make it more beautiful. So let’s get inspired!

Your VOICE and INTUITION are your most powerful tools.

Than you add your INSPIRATION and ENTHUSIASM. All of this lives and waits deep inside of you and it has been sleeping in YOU for so long. Your best work is driven by your Enthusiasm. Your Enthusiasm is driven by your Inspiration. Inspiration is based on how you feel about yourself… and here is where our work begins. Who are you? Would you like to know yourself better? On my journey I learned OUR VOICES are the first thing that a person hears and feels about us.
When I introduce myself what do people hear and see? How I am dressed and how I SPEAK.

Question: What does my voice say about me?
Question: When I walk into a room how do I feel about me?
Question: Do I walk with POWER? Do I SPEAK with POWER?

Power is also misunderstood in our world. It can be abusive.
So I ask again: Do we know who we are?


Through Boost Your Vocalz™ YOU CAN RAISE YOUR RESONANCE.
Our objective is to RE-CONNECT your INTUITIVE FORCE with YOUR VOICE.

So let’s begin..

You can start this week to boost your own voice

It’s pretty easy and also beginners will have a very obvious success after a few sessions. Why not trying it out…

I want to try the program

Why I'm doing this

I have sung myself around the world and have allowed much beautiful music to vibrate through me:

Sacred music, Sacred Prayers, high vibrational Mantras, Classic, Contemporary, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Metal, Pop and Rap Music. My body is a library of frequency. On my journey this was important for me to have the Hands On experience. I needed to explore and differentiate. I found out that there is a vibrational force just before you speak or sing. Some say it is the potential force of thought. But I still discovered something more… seconds before I sung.

What a decision to make!

Here I have made a selection of POWERING VOCAL TOOLS that will help you manifest your TRUE VOCAL AUTHENTICITY. I want you to stay CREATIVE and INSPIRED in your life. To CREATE so much energy that you can launch your ideas. That your body responds in GOODHEALTH. To get the MELODY back in your VOICE. To see that TWINKLE in your eyes and FINALLY that SMILE back on your FACE!

I wish you LOVE and LIGHT!

Popular questions

How many minutes is a private vocal session?

Every private session is about 60 minutes – just you and me and our voices. It’s the perfect timing to warm up, cool down and stay concentrated all the time.

Do you only offer private sessions?

Even if it’s very effective to have a private session also group sessions are important because there’s much more interaction. Therefore, I offer group sessions on request, just write me a mail quickly!

Where is the vocal training happening?

I’m flexible with the location but most of my courses are happening in Berlin Lichtenfelde. You get the details after your booked an appointment.

Boost Your Vocalz
How To Boost Your Vocals
How To Boost Your Vocals
How To Boost Your Vocals
How To Boost Your Vocals