Different Voices of Berlin

Jocelyn voluntarily directs this unique choir since seven years. The choir is unique, because completely different people are coming together and they have found singing as a form of regeneration and getting their power back.

The choir is meeting in the “Gitschiner 15“, a cultural and community center for homeless people and those who have to make it with little money. These socially challenged people meet people who do not feel as socially challenged, because they have regular jobs. There is a lively exchange and one meets in a very honest and open way. Unlike other choirs, where the development of a musical repertoire is the most important thing, this choir offers space for personal growth and development. Jocelyn herself has learned here to become a “good teacher”, who has ” the development of a repertoire in mind aswell as the individual personalities.” “Different Voices of Berlin” needs a choir leader with personality, who can deal with the different levels of skills, musically and personally levels.

This choir is also distinguished by the fact that it uses original compositions in addition to gospel songs and songs by Jocelyn B. Smith.

Jocelyn directs and accompanies the process of idea generation, text creation and composition. Especially in the text cretion process a lively debate is showing the different perspectives. But it is precisely this exchange that is extremely valuable for everybody.


Further information: http://www.differentvoices-berlin.de/

Different Voices of Berlin With Jocelyn B. Smith