Empower Your Vision

Jocelyn B. Smith works as an “Empowerment Coach” in various workshops. “Empowerment” can be compared to the german term „Selbstkompetenz“ (“self-competence”). At the “Empower Your Vision” workshops Jocelyn helps the participants to find their way back to their naturally given and inherent power. With the help of singing, she enables a deeper access to the “I” and a special form of self-reflection. She also shows a way to integrate these realizations into the own life.

Jocelyn B. Smith has been working with totally different people and groups: With singers, musicians, pregnant women, choirs or with companies. Together with Uwe Rothemund of “Business Unusual” she developed an offering of events for those companies, who want to discover new ways of thinking as a valuable ressource for themselves.

This is a combination of the expertise of Uwe Rothemund in teaching of future scenarios combined with the energy of Jocelyn B. Smith’s “Self-Empowerment”- concept. Building a vision requires not only knowledge of future developments, but also the ability to communicate your own vision with energy, conviction and expressiveness.

“When I was very young, my mother asked me what I wanted to be when I am grown. I replied that I want to help people. “

Jocelyn B. Smith’s grandmother Willia Ruth Hard Grow has also helped people. She founded the first Mental-Health-Clinic in Brooklyn. But Jocelyn could not imagine to pursue the career of a doctor. She found her own way to accompany people in their development processes, with the help of music. As a consequence a wide variety of projects arised over the years, in which Jocelyn supported individual people, different groups or organizations and companies.

„We need to go back into our original power and than turn around and put it into our family and our community.“