Wir Das Ich In Dir

In 2009, this cross-cultural music project arised, with students of the German-Turkish “Aziz-Nesin-Primary School” in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Each child made ​​his own thoughts to the phrase “Wir das Ich in Dir”, “We, the Me in you”.

The result is a moving CD with essays by the children, who speak very openly about their feelings and are singing with Jocelyn. With the intensive, narrative voice of Christian Brückner, patron of the project, the individual stories merge like a mosaic to a wonderful picture.

„I remember there was one boy and I asked him: ‚ How does it sounds like to you, We the me in you?’ And he said: ’Josy, no matter if our countries are fighting with one another, I can be a brother to you.’ This boy was 11 or 12 years old. And I said: ‚That’s why I do this work’.“