Jocelyn B. Smith was born 1960 in New York. Music was always an intense companion in her life. When she was 5 years old, Jocelyn started classical piano lessons, which she then pursued, with a lot of discipline, for another twelve years. Jocelyn only discovered later, when she was 11 years old, that her voice was a further form of musical expression. As a child, Jocelyn was not yet aware that music would be her profession. Though she could not imagine working as a doctor, Jocelyn was certain that she wanted to help people. Therefore, she found her own path, with the help of her musical talent. With her latest album “My Way” Jocelyn is celebrating her 30th anniversary: 30 years in Germany and more than 3.000 live concerts.

„Each person in this world is given a talent; that fits his personality. My attraction was through music. It is like a tool for self-learning and self-improving.“

In Jocelyn’s lyrics, it is obvious that she is not satisfied with superficial answers. She is searching for a deeper sense, and she calls it the “Extended Eye”. Already in her childhood, she questioned a lot, that is part of her personality. This is also reflected in her music. Jocelyn B. Smith hasn’t dedicated herself to any particular genre. She has worked together with very different artists; from musicians Lenny White, Till Brönner and Falco, to composers such as Mikis Theodorakis and Heiner Goebbels. The orchestral work “Surrogate Cities”of Heiner Goebbels, for which the composer invited Jocelyn B. Smith to perform in 1999, is one of her greatest successes and encouraged her to pursue her own musical path with sustainability; beyond genre boundaries.

“Heiner Goebbels was the first one who did a fusion of the symphonic orchestra structure with the digital information, with loops. When I saw that, I was fully convinced that I want to merge things.”

Up until nowadays, Jocelyn B. Smith has published more than a dozen albums and received many awards; including the golden record for the title song of the Disney movie “The Lion King” in 1995, or the Jazz Award in 2003 for her album “Blue Night & Nylons”. Jocelyn B. Smith has been living in Berlin since 1984. She describes herself as an “urban shaman”: someone who does not need to meditate in nature to find spirituality- Jocelyn has a very natural aproach to spirituality.

„It is so natural that you don’t even have to think about it. Spirituality is your attitude, how you see your life. Spirituality is accepting and learning from the challenges, that we are inviting to our lives, here in the city, here on this planet. This is the schoolhouse of the soul.“

In her numerous workshops (see Engagements) one can learn and experience for themselves how Jocelyn is using her natural spirituality, combined with her musicality, as a source of self-knowledge and gaining power. In these situations, Jocelyn also shows her down-to-earth and natural side, which might seem to stand in contrast to her stage presence. The media often describes Jocelyn as a “Diva”. Often this term is liable to a negative connotation. However, if one thinks about “Diva” in terms of strong and almost magical stage presence, like Leontyne Price or Whitney Houston, than Jocelyn also has a “diva-like” stage presence: a presence that fascinates her audience, yet invites them completely submerge into the music.

Jocelyn B. Smith was born in New York 1960.
She received classical piano training from her fifth year on.

Main singer in Lenny White’s Funk / Soul Band “Twennynine” with European tour

Jocelyn chose Berlin to be her new home town

Release of her first album “River”

Goldene Schallplatte (Golden Record) award for the title song of the Disney film “The Lion King”

Soloist in “Surrogate Cities” by Heiner Goebbels with Worldwide concerts

“Jazz Award” of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry for her CD Blue Lights and Nylons

Interpretation of the song Amazing Grace at the Berlin commemoration of September 11th 2001 (worldwide broadcast of CNN)

Release of the album “Here I Am”

Release of the anniversary album “My Way”

Since 2006: Founding and volunteer leadership of the choir “Different Voices of Berlin” in a community and neighborhood center against poverty and social exclusion in Berlin Kreuzberg, “Gitschiner 15”

2008: Music project “Higher Love” where children sing for children. Jocelyn support the Action Alliance and is committed to a global ban on cluster munitions and landmines

Foundation of the charitable “Yes We Can eV.”, which campaigns for the sustainable protection and assistance of children who are victims of war.

Until now Jocelyn has released more than a dozen records, has won many awards and is involved in musical and social projects.